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It comes complete with a generous array of accessories and can save digitized images on an SD card or output them to a PC or Mac for storage or a TV for viewing. Think of a scanner as an archivist and a digital recording device for both prints and film images. Next think of a scanner as a kind of large format copying device and even a camera. Welcome to our newest photography video series: the Shutterbug Showcase. Ideal for hobbyists and archivists alike, the unit can handle prints up to 8×10 as well as speedy document scanning for those who want to make electronic files of important papers. Shutterbug Editor-at-Large George Schaub got his hands on a pre-release unit and filed this report.

Box of old Kodak Kodachrome slide transparencies

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Museum number Eu,F. Description Slide colour ; two Greek Shadow puppets of a Klephts?

Location: Guam during Bill’s WWII US Navy service. Approximate date , Molly/Bill from badly faded 35mm slides in undated Ansco color slide mounts.

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Rent2Scan for Photos/Slides

Recently, I have started going through the piles of 35mm slides we have in storage. It is quite a process however, these have been a little easier than the machine prints. Over three weeks I was able to process all 7, slides from the s. I quickly found that in organizing mounted slides, there is more information available to you than just the content of the image itself.

But that is not all that makes Kodachrome unique among 35mm color films, The oldest slide is dating back to and until the discontinuation of the film in.

Is the machine operating well? Ask where your top local art college or university photography students take their slides for E-6 processing and you will usually find a good processor at a reasonable cost. This means finding a local studio photographer who does magazine shots and so on, who does E-6 regularly, and asking if you can pay to have your film developed along with theirs.

Ganoksin is sponsored by. Then there are the professional labs you can find in the yellow pages of the phone book. Best is to get recommendations from several photographers until you hear the same lab mentioned a couple of times.

Print File® 4 mil Polypropylene 35mm Slide Pages with Date & Subject Blocks (100-Pack)

Share This Page. Thread Tools. Feb 14, 1. Messages: 1, My mother in law is scanning some family slides Kodachrome, of course , and I was surprised to see mounts with no date markings.

In photography, reversal film or slide film is a type of photographic film that produces a positive slide film called Polachrome. It was packaged in cassettes like normal 35mm film. Agfacolor slide dated Agfacolor slide dated

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There’s even a pre-paid shipping label waiting to make sending it back easy, too! Get More Rental Info. Has the old family slide projector given up the ghost and your treasure trove of 35mm slides are left to aging in boxes, trays, or carousels? Now, it’s possible to convert all of your 35mm slide mounted transparencies into digital images that can be preserved and shared with family, friends, or generations to come.

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The Benefits of Recording Your 35mm Slide’s Exposure Number

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The time has come to scan your old family slides. Of the 2, slides I scanned, I had only ever seen a handful of these images which date from the Most 35mm slides can be scanned at home with a dedicated photo scanner such as the.

They can be viewed with small hand viewers but are usually projected onto a screen. The size of what you see displayed on the screen is based on the distance from the projector. In order to end up with 35mm slides you have to use 35mm slide film in your camera instead of print film and then have them processed into slides. This is special color reversal film. Color-reversal films produce transparent positive imaged film that looks like the original scenes you photographed.

These are cut into individual frames and mounted and you have color slides for projection. The image advertisements many movie theaters show before the movies are usually projected 35mm slides. Below, you will find some of the different types of slides that Old-Photo can scan and create a DVD playable slide show for you. Be aware that these are large images and will take some time to download to your computer. Click on each slide above to see what the final result looks like.

This is the “Super Slide.

35mm Original Kodachrome slide with date imprinted on slide

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Ion 35mm photo negative and slide converter to PC. Transfers 35mm negatives to PC or notebook quickly and easily. Print, edit or archive photo collection with quick and easy scanning software.

35mm slide I just scanned from my collection. slide in your hand, all you have to go on is that exposure count and (if you’re lucky) part of the date when it was.

Slides, trays of slides, boxes of slides, slide projectors, light bulbs for slide projectors…all of these things seem like items from a gone-by era. And truthfully they are. I remember my grandparents pulling out the slide projector and screen after a family vacation or at a family gathering and enduring hours ok, I was 5 so it was probably more like 20 minutes of click-click, picture-picture, blah-blah-blah.

Now as an adult I would give anything to go back to those days and listen closely to my grandparents as they told stories of their slides which, in actuality, were the stories of their lives. Now all my grandparents are gone but what I do have is their slides and other photos, the visual documentation of lives richly led. Using my Epson Perfection V scanner , I spent many a happy hour scanning those slides and rediscovering photographic gems that I have never seen before.

After I finished I went through the digital images with my mom and aunt to identify people and places and learn the stories of vacations, friends and first homes. Now they each have copies of these treasured family memories as well. Does your family have boxes and trays of slides just sitting in the closet or the attic? It is really important that you have them scanning and digitized now and here is why.

Slides are made of a transparent piece of film encased in a rigid paper square. If moisture gets into the storage box, the slides can develop mold or mildew on the film which can create weird yellow and purple splotches both visible to the eye and on a digital copy. Eventually mold and mild will eventually eat right through the film.

How to Identify Your Photo, Slide and Negative Formats –

A photo slide is a specially mounted individual transparency intended for projection onto a screen using a slide projector. This allows the photograph to be viewed by a large audience at once. The most common form is the 35 mm slide, placed inside a cardboard or plastic shell for projection.

slides dating back to the introduction of Kodachrome in the 35mm format in ; the Time Inc. Magazines Picture. Collection in New York City has over one.

This past summer I came into possession of my grandfather’s 15 Kodak photo slide trays. They were neatly boxed, though collecting dust, in the closet beneath the stairs at a family owned cabin in Grayling, Michigan. They had been there for at least a couple of decades. For some reason this was the summer I decided to pull them out and take a look. As I started to view these slides, with only a magnifying glass and some harsh fluorescent light, I quickly became transfixed.

I knew there were images here that needed to be preserved and shared. I had a new project. Here is one of the first slides that really grabbed my attention. Taken in , this particular Kodachrome photo slide is not particularly old.

Kodachrome Slide Number help needed

Contact us: or toll free: In , Thomas Edison was experimenting with motion pictures and needed long rolls of film, 35 millimeters wide, with holes perforated on the edges so the footage could be driven by sprocket wheels. He contacted George Eastman and Kodak initially produced the film on a limited basis. Soon, 35mm film became the standard format for motion pictures. A few years later, small still cameras were manufactured to use this format.

In , cartridges were introduced for daylight loading and given the designation of

Pick the date you want your rental to arrive and where you want it delivered. Rent a SlideSnap Auto Slide Scanner and unlock all your 35mm memories!

The Fujifilm instax mini 9 Instant Film Camera is a compact camera that supports the use of Fujifilm instax mini type film to produce instant credit card-sized prints. In regard to imaging, the instax mini 9 features a Fujinon 60mm lens that is capable Circular tray that holds 2×2 slides. Tray color and box may vary. Boxes may have writing on them. These trays have been a European standard for over 40 years.

Holds 50 2 x 2-inch slides The trays are stored in the dust protected storage chests in a drawer Honeywell Rondelle slide trays fit into the body of the projector.

Catalina Mejia Moreno – ‘If we can have the first slide and the lights off’

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